Still Lifes - Kellar Wilson

Gummy Bearing Gifts

The sweet spot for this sweet shot seemed to be rather high f/29. Though I think it was greatly affected by my use of an extension tube. To do a true test, I wanted to have a shot that had more depth to it, so I added the acorn in front of the gummy bear. Using a reflection also adds depth to the shot since the angle of the reflection covered three inches of surface area.

AcornAcorn GiftBlack AcrylicFallGreen AcornGreen BearGummy BearGummy BearsHMMMacro MondaysMacroMondayMacroMondaysMirrorMirror MirrorMirrorredOn BlackRedRed BearReflectedReflectionSweet ShotSweet SpotSweet Spot SquaredSweetSpotSquared